Aurelia: Custom Element vs Compose

When you build an application with Aurelia you divide the application into reusable chunks, each comprised of a view and a view-model. A view is just »

How Aurelia Works

I recently wrote a page for the Aurelia docs that dives into the details of how data-binding and templating work in Aurelia. Re-posting it here. End »

Aurelia Contributors

Saw a comment on reddit the other day that made me chuckle: You [know] why I won't use Aurelia? Because it has literally only [has] one »

Aurelia validation alpha

We've been working hard on a validation rewrite and today we're excited to announce the Aurelia validation libraries are in alpha! After gathering all your feedback »

Google reCAPTCHA with Aurelia

Quick post to show how to create an Aurelia custom element that renders a Google reCAPTCHA. 1. Register Register for reCAPTCHA API keys on the reCAPTCHA »